Friday, 25 January 2013


Now… I just feel like I am going down and down, feeling so lonely and found no one to care about me.. I just wanna sit alone in the locked room to think what I am and what I pretend to be. Because sometimes it is very important to give time to you analyzing what are the gains and losses in life. This calculation is bringing me madness. How beautiful it could be I wish if we get all things settled with no worries and wounds. But it is just a Utopian thought. Life is nothing but a bunch of harsh realities.

I understand this but still I am not able to kick out a gloomy hopeless feeling that has made a permanent place in me like something sucking my blood and making me weak day by day. A fictional scene reminds me feeling like I can see the light at the end of tunnel and but I am powerless to reach the end. Light is going far and far gradually. Time seems to be stuck and everything is crumbling down. Now it is the time to think that had I ever expected all about this, perhaps not but still everything is going on. Time cannot wait to come along. A great headache in the back of my head slowly creating a dire catastrophe and feels like nothing can aid this infection.

Reminding this again filling me up with Nostalgia, but it’s hard to dwell in the past anymore. All those memories have become grief but I am still struggling to save me from myself. I feel like I am sinking in deep in the tepid water. Everything is passing by with such swiftness with erratic clock that I am much confused that what to do and what should I not. I know somehow I’ll be okay but thoughts remain linger in the past.