Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Dark World Of "Illuminati"

Nowadays,  We are living under  an epic stress of conspiracy and theories  and one of them is called “NWO” also known as New World lot of signs of Illuminati very clearly in all around us especially in movies TV shows, novels and games etc. Order or New Ages of “Illuminati”. It is said that it was founded by “Adam Weishaupt” in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. 

Most approximately Illuminati has controlled the music industry. Many famous music artist have revealed hidden truths about Illuminati for example: Jonathan Davis of “Korn” calls “Obama” an “Illuminati puppet”. In the music video for S&M recording artist Rihanna refers to herself as “Princess of Illuminati. Nicki Minaj mentions 'illuminati' in the song 'Out of My Mind' by B.o.B by saying "You know I graduated summa cum laude/that’s why they thinking' I'm Illuminati". In the song We The People of Megadeth the chorus goes; Screams from the future, warn of calamity the coming plagues of the new disease the "Illuminati", one world currency, one world religion, one world everything.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Linkin Park is Comfortable in their Own Skin

Linkin Park is one of the biggest music band in the world and has created a lot of name in Music industry. A couple of years ago  maybe two or three I was at my friend’s house and we used to play games etc but at that time I did not use to listen music a lot then I don’t know what just happened to him he played a Music video! I asked him what is this about?  He replied, “It’s just awesome”  

It was “Papercut” by Linkin Park and when I listened I got crazy. Then I discovered more songs by LP and all of them were just awesome!  Now recently Linkin Park just has launched their new album “Living Things”. It was released under Warner Bros. Records on June 20, 2012, in Japan. The band claims Living Things combines elements from their previous albums to create a new sound. They stated they finally felt they were in "familiar territory" and "comfortable in own skin". The songs which like in this album so far are, “Lost in the Echo, in my Remains, Burn it down”. Linkin Park has done a lot for charity as well.