Tuesday, 8 January 2013


 The fisherman's not worried
 By sorrow and by care;
 He sets sail in the morning,
 His heart as light as air.

 Peace is all around him,
 In meadows and in streams
 With his songs he wakens
 The golden sunshine's beams.

 He sings while he is fishing
 From full land cheery breast,
 His works fills him with vigour,
 His vigour gives him zest.

 Then in the depths below him
 A tumult starts to break,
 And splashes through the heavens
 Reflected in the lake.

 But he who will a fish catch
 Needs eyes that clearly see,
 A heart as light as ether,
 And as waves so free.

 And on the bridge sits angling
 The shepherdess so sweet.
 Pray cease your tricks and cunning,
 The fish you cannot cheat.