Friday, 28 December 2012

Life Is A Journey

A journey that you start alone and end being alone is what I call “LIFE” When you get old in life things get taken from you but you know it is part of life. You may learn things when you start losing stuff. You reach a point of no return, but there you have to return to a real life, where nothing is an illusion. In that real world of life in its true meanings the first thing that you will learn is that all you have to DO is YOU have to do everything. No one will give you a hand. You will have to earn your living. There is nothing free in this world. Everything has its price. Are you willing to pay that price? Can you do that?

If yes sure you will get what you want. Now see, as life is not compromise, it is basically a bargain. What a religious do? He bargains with God. He does as his God says and in return what he wishes is forgiveness and paradise. If this very thing is not saved from give and take then how our lives are saved from it. We all are buyers and seller. If you are in a better position your will have an advantage by default. So pay the price. Take what you want. There is nothing to weep about. If you really want to weep, weep about your weakness that why you weep? Weakness is a sin even God helps those who have belief in themselves. The world is not for the weak. Don’t know even if they will have a chance here after. Snatch your share from this world before your life is snatched from you. Its time! You never know, when your time will be up either Today, tomorrow or the very next second. What more I should write. Always remember, shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars… This is what life is, living is!