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Kyo Kusanagi (Quotes)

In Battle:

"Ikuze!" - "Let's go!"
"Kurae!" - "Eat this!"
"Heh, heh. Moetaro?" - "You burned?"

In Battle:

"Tsk, tsk, tsk"

Winning Quotes:

"My fists are burning!" (vs Brazil Team)
"Cheap tricks won't work!" (vs China Team)
"We'll be the champions!" (vs Italy Team)
"That's the fate of a fraud!" (vs Japan Team)
"My fists are hard to beat!" (vs Korea Team)
"This is too easy!" (vs USA Team)
"Impressive, but I saw it coming!" (vs England Team)
"This is the end of Kyokugenryu!" (vs Mexico Team)

The King Of Fighters '95

In Battle:

"Ore no... kachi da!" - "This is... my victory!"

Winning Quotes:

"That's it? Well I'm not angry, just disappointed."
"Burn in the fury of my flames, you worthless weakling."
"So long weenie king. We won't meet again."

The King Of Fighters '96

In Battle:

English Translation
Body ga... amee ze!
Your BODY is...weak!
Body ga... orosu daze!
Your BODY is...flying!
Body ga... garaki daze!
Your BODY is...empty!
Saseru ka!
As if!
Kurai... yagare!
Chew on this!
Anta ja moenee na.
You're not enough to make me burn.
Nani kutsubuten da?
What are you stalling for?
Doushite mo yaru no ka?
Do you have to do this? *

Winning Quotes:

"Eat my flames of fury, wimp. Grovel before the Kusanagis."
"Stop moping around and butch up, you weenie!"
"Wow! Back to the gym for you. You're really pathetic."

The King Of Fighters '97

In Battle:

English Translation
Kurai yagare!
Chew on this!
Anta ja moenee na.
You're not enough to make me burn.
Kore ga...Kusanagi no ken da!
This is...Kusanagi's fist!
Rekishi ga chigaun dayo.
Our histories are different.
Keri o tsukeyouze, Yagami.
Let's settle this, Yagami. *

The King Of Fighters '98

In Battle:

English Translation
Mou oyasumi kai?
Oh, is it bedtime already?
Miseteyaru! Kusanagi no kobushi wo!
I'll show you! The fist of the Kusanagis!
Honoo ga, omae wo yonderuze!
The flames are calling you! *
Yarou ka, Benimaru?
Shall we fight, Benimaru? **
Nani yattendaka?
What are you doing? ***

Winning Quotes:

"You just ain't got it. So stop whining and get lost."

The King Of Fighters '99

In Battle:

English Translation
Let's go...
Why you...!
Kocchi daze!
Over here!
Body ga... amai!
Your BODY is... weak!
Namen na!
Don't underestimate me!
Ukero...kono buro!
Take...this blow!
Akubi ga deru ze.
You're making me yawn.
Ore no...kachi da.
I am...the winner.
Temei no tsugou de ikichaneeyo!
I'm not going to live at your convenience! *

Winning Quotes:

"Huh, don't tell me. Think I was a clone?"

The King Of Fighters 2000

In Battle:

English Translation
You're slow!
Kore de...kimeru ze!
This...will end it!
Asobi no tsumorika?
You think this is a game?
Darou na... Ikuze!
Yeah... Let's go! *

Winning Quotes:

"Resistance is flammable. No one can snuff my flame!"

Losing Quote:

"I don't have time to fail like this!!!"

The King Of Fighters 2001

In Battle:

English Translation
Temee no honoo wa nani iro da?
What's the color of your flame? *

Winning Quotes: 

"It's all experience. Fight on, dude!"
"Victory was predestined. I'm not in your bush league."
"This ain't what a real battlefield should be!"
"You still got it! Haven't had so much fun recently." (Vs. Daimon)
"Follow me no more..." (Vs. Iori)
"Business with NESTS? I'll introduce you personally!" (Vs. Hero Team)
"As you've been so nice, I've returned your favours!" (Vs. NESTS Team)

The King Of Fighters 2002

In Battle:

English Translation
Asobi wa owari da~!
Playtime's over!
Ore kara wa nigerarenee n da yo!
You're not getting away from me!
Manzokushitaka, Yagami?
You satisfied now, Yagami? *

Winning Quotes:

"That's the pepper! That's the stuff! Oooh yeah!"
"Will you never learn? Or must I show you more punishment?" (vs Orochi Clan Members)
"You gotta use it or lose it. That's the best you can do?" (vs NESTS Members)
"You're weighing me down! It's the kiss-off, losers!" (vs Iori)
"You may have my old looks, but you ain't got my old stuff." (vs Kusanagi)

The King Of Fighters 2003

In Battle:

English Translation
Saa, hajimeyou ka?
Okay, shall we begin? *

Wining Quotes:

"It's a law of history: I don't lose so easy."
"Like raging flames of the sun. That is the fists of Kusanagi!"
"What?! I guess KOF without me just isn't KOF, right?"
"What miraculous stamina! Taking such a basting!"
"Hmm. You got the look down. But you lack the substance." (vs New Hero Team)
"You never change. That's why you always lose." (vs Benimaru/Goro)
"A year sabbatical's being lazy? ...Well, ya got stamina, kid!" (vs Shingo)
"You never evolve.... That's what you're all about!" (vs Iori)

The King Of Fighters XI

In Battle:

English translation
Occurs when/during
Iori Yagami
Introduction (response to Iori)
Iori Yagami
Let's go!
Introduction (same time as Iori)
Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson...!
Ash Crimson
Damn you~!
Introduction (response to Ash)

Winning Quotes:

"Out of my way, punk! You make me sick, so you'll get no mercy from me!"
"Getting up again, I admire your spunk. But, you've already lost."
"Do you plan to grovel your whole life? Show a little backbone will you?"
"You lack devotion. Steady effort is what counts. Me? I'm the exception to the rule!"
"What gives?! Where's that old spirit gone?!" (vs Terry/Ryo)
"I must incinerate you completely. Flammable trash is the world's trash!" (vs Shen)
"Just how many clones of me are left? I could make a baseball team out of me!" (vs himself)
"You don't think it's over, do you? I don't like tormenting losers - but you I will." (vs Ash)

The King Of Fighters XII

In Battle:

"Heh heh. How did you like that heat?"(English)

The King of Fighters XIII

Pre-Battle Dialogue

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Iori Yagami:

Kyo: "Even without your flames you're still up to no good, are you, Yagami? You need to learn when to give up!"
Iori: "Spare me your lectures. This is the day you die, Kyo!"
Kyo: "My, aren't we in a hurry all of a sudden? That's not like you, Yagami... Are you getting nervous?"
Iori: "I told you I don't need any of your lip! Just attack already!"
Kyo: "Oh, alright, I'll pound some shape into you! Let's go, Yagami!"

Winning Quotes:

(vs. Andy): "Your problem is you had bad luck. You had the misfortunate of running into me!"
(vs. Ash): "You've made a fool of me more than once. Let this be a lesson to you."
(vs. Athena): "You're getting to old for that outfit. Try something Chinese, like your buddy!"
(vs. Benimaru): "Revenge failed, Benimaru! Not even your lightning can extinguish my fire!"
(vs. Chin): "4000 years of history, and you can't even beat an 1800-year-old power?"
(vs. Clark): "I don't even know how to lose anymore. Could you give me some tips?"
(vs. Daimon): "I'm sick of listening to your sermon! All that matters is results!"
(vs. Dark Ash): "Oooh! You changed color! Big deal. At least the other kid put up a fight."
(vs. Duo Lon): "Legendary assassins!? Whatever, man! You should spend more time training!"
(vs. Elizabeth): "I don't care what you're trying to do! I've got my own stuff to take care of!"
(vs. Hwa Jai): "Your pride and confidence seem to have been completely vaporized by my fire!"
(vs. Iori): "If I lost, what would be your purpose of living, Yagami?"
(vs. Joe): "That hurricane of yours is barely enough to blow out the candles on a cake!"
(vs. K'): "You don't even get me warmed up anymore. Stop living in the past, and move on!"
(vs. Kensou): "They say you can learn from losing too. All you've learned is that you're weak!"
(vs. Kim): "Your last bunch of pupils were already a bit iffy, but this time... Never mind."
(vs. King): "Now you see your own limits. You have to overcome them to defeat me."
(vs. Kula): "You hate fire? Then just go back home and cry to your guardians."
(vs. Kyo): "Too bad, but there's no imitating the flames of Kusanagi!"
(vs. Leona): "Do you see how green you still are? You need to practice more!"
(vs. Mai): "You challenge me with fire!? Might as well teach your grandma to milk ducks!"
(vs. Mature): "You're Orochi's woman!? Aren't you lot ever going to give up!?"
(vs. Maxima): "You should've given up from the start. I was worried you might explode."
(vs. Raiden): "Is that gut of yours filled with oil? I've never seen anything burn like that!"
(vs. Ralf): "You say we're just "playing soldier"? Then you must be "playing army"!"
(vs. Robert): "You can't go back to your students after losing like that! Wanna try again?"
(vs. Ryo): "What's up? You seem to be hesitating. Has training too much gotten to you?"
(vs. Saiki): "Winning doesn't make me feel any better. Why do I always have to deal with this?"
(vs. Shen): "Stop whining, you loser! Or do you want to get burnt for real?"
(vs. Takuma): "Could you tell my dad he needs to stop worrying my mom and retire already?"
(vs. Terry): "What happened to your usual toughness? I've never heard of wolves hibernating!"
(vs. Vice): "I don't know what my dad did to you, but don't try to take it out on me!"
(vs. Yuri): "If you could punch as much as you can talk, you'd be alot better at fighting."

KOF Maximum Impact 2

Winning Quotes

Heh, heh. ...Feel the burn?
I am the champion!

Capcom vs SNK

"You know that I didn't try my hardest, but did you?"
"I didn't want you to feel cheated, so I let you play a little longer this time!"
"Teamwork? I don't care about that. I alone am the true winner!"
"I fan the eternal flame of victory!"
"You should be thankful. I showed you the error of your ways!"
"Come on...the level of this tournament is way too low, isn't it?"
"You've just felt the flame of the famous Kusanagi clan!!"
"Haven't you heard the expression of dancing too close to the flame...?"
"So, tell me. How does it feel to be charcoal?"
"What's the deal? Not cooked enough, eh?"
"This reminds me of a joke. Aw, come on, hear it out. You got time, right?"
"Remember the pain of my fist. That is my power!"
"Haven't you come to grips with reality yet? You can't touch me, Yagami." (defeating Iori)
"Got the picture now? Your 'good wind' that blows only fans my flames!" (defeating Goenitz)
"That's not what I'd call even close to kickboxing. Just what is that anyway?" (defeating Sagat)
"Yagami! I'm telling you to chill, you punchy pinhead!" (defeating Orochi Iori)
"Oh, how boring. School's funner."
"Victory's talent... Effort's squat."
"One bozo, well-done!"
"I am hot! I can't lose!"
"So you want to be a real fighter? OK!"
"You lack the fire."

SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos

Pre-Fight Dialogues

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Athena:

Kyo: A battle with a babe? I must be in Heaven!
Athena: Don't let your hormones go wild. You don't want to peak too soon, right?
Kyo: When it comes to battle, I last a long time.

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Balrog:

Kyo: Have you got your mouthpiece in place?
Balrog: You just shut up! Why don't you worry about yourself? (Hmph!)
Kyo: Oops... Heh, heh. You're mouth seems fine, but what about your brain?
Balrog: You little punk... I'm gonna crush you!

Kyo Kusanagi vs. Choi Bounge:

Kyo: Oh, good grief! Another bonehead...
Choi Don't pooh-pooh me! I'll slice you, buddy boy! Oooh-kee!
Kyo: You're toast, pal!

                                                                                                                  Source: Snk.wikia

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