Wednesday, 21 November 2012

KOF XIII; An Innovation To Gamers

Hey guys! This is routinely Umar and I made up my mind to write a new post about a very famous and well-known game which is known as “KOF Xiii”. When I saw this game first, I thought that this game will not be as good as its predecessors but later when I personally played this game I rated it 10 out of 10. Now I consider it as the best part of “King of Fighters” series. This game has officially got couple of awards; for instance, Gamespot has awarded it as “Best Fighting Game of the Year” and as the “Most Improved Sequel”. It was also nominated for 2011 “Spike Video Game Awards”, “2011 Golden Joystick Awards” and “Academy of Interactive Arts & Science’s 2012 D.I.C.E Summit Awards”. The game play is a little different from the previous parts e.g. some of the features are removed like Guard Attack, Critical Counter, the Clash System as well as Dynamic Zooming Camera. Some new features have been added as a replacement, such as EX Mode, which converts each character's super moves into more powerful versions that allow one bar from the player's power gauge for EX Special Moves and two bars from the player's power gauge for EX Desperation Moves. Another new feature is the Hyper Drive Mode which permits the player to use unlimited exploit of Drive Cancels until the Hyper Drive Gauge is not finished and at last, the new feature confirmed for the game is the Drive Cancel, which opens up new combo possibilities. In addition Multi-Bar Gauge which was introduced in King of Fighters 97. On top to Standard and EX Desperation Moves, a new class of Desperation Move called Neo Max is included in the game and entails that three stocks of gauge be exchanged to perform one, making it similar to Hidden Desperation Moves from The King of Fighters 2002 and Leader Desperation Moves from The King of Fighters 2003. These can also be cancelled from Standard Desperation Moves, making them similar to the Dream Cancels from The King of Fighters XI. SNK Playmore first announced The King of Fighters XIII in February 2010. There was an official preview of the game which was held on March 25th, 2010 in Akihabara. The game design director, Kei Yamamoto, stated that he wants the game to be played by the fans of the series who would be able to use their experience from prior titles. Additionally, however, he did not want the game to be too similar to its predecessors, though his and his team's aim for the game is to capture the charm from prior titles such as re-addition of gameplay rules from older titles. The gameplay was also modified to have faster battles to be enjoyed by gamers, therefore Yamamoto labeled the theme of the game as "KOF-ism". SNK Playmore president Ryo Mizufune expressed stimulation for the game's release, commenting that they wanted to release a game that would surpass fans' potential and could become as popular as The King of Fighters '98. In this regard, they listened to fans’ implications during development of the game to integrate them. In choosing characters, developers wanted to include ones that would provide a notable contrast and balance among teams rather than popularity within fans, thus expanding the "KOF-ism" theme. Characters like Kyo Kusanagi were made to fight at short distances rather than their original forms from the series’ first two games where he relied in attacks performed from distance to give stress the balance within the cast. The first Neo Max technique made by the staff was Kyo's. As a result, following Neo Max attacks were made to be consistent with Kyo's Neo Max in their mode and smash up. The King of Fighters Xiii got positive reviews. The gameplay was given major eulogize with critics from GameSpot and comparing it with critically acclaimed fighting games like Street Fighter IV. SNK Playmore was noted to have listened to all the fans' concerns regarding the game as the character roster was increased, with the notable return of fan favorite characters. The PlayStation 3 version of the game sold 21,525 copies in Japan during its first week of release. At the game's Evolution Championship Series (EVO) debut in 2012, it became the second-most-watched game of the series at over 90,000 consecutive viewers, thanks to a highly competitive tournament. In 2012, Complex ranked it as the third best SNK fighting game ever made, also calling it "One of this generation’s finest fighting Game".